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The power behind the technology.™


Evolution of revolutionary technology

Star Sailor Energy was founded to develop new technologies for energy security. Its founder as well as senior scientists and engineers all come from national security backgrounds with unique skills from aerospace and defense engineering. Bringing the best of the aerospace sector to energy.

Today, the Star Sailor Group is uniquely positioned to leverage technological assets and diverse IP to create energy solutions for not only the built environment, but as platforms to integrate technology for diverse applications including commercial lighting, electronic signage, urban and rural Wi-Fi, advanced communications, satellite telemetry and mobile power.

Star Sailor Wind, LLC. is the newest member of the Star Sailor Group, dedicated to a legacy of innovation and technical excellence in our new generation of wind turbines, self-powered networks and UPS products.

The first new concept in reduced drag, purpose-built vertical axis wind turbines were designed by Dr. P. Rai Menges out of necessity for lightweight power for a telemetry project in the New Mexico desert twenty-five years ago. The new and novel concept would later lead to the founding of Star Sailor Energy.

Today Star Sailor Energy, Inc. has US and foreign patents for vertical axis wind turbines, power storage, motorless motion, and intelligent and functional structures. In 2016 Star Sailor Power, LLC. was chosen as a NewCo company and has developed patented non-electrolytic on-demand power module creating 24/7 wind turbine power and a new era in automation, electric vehicles and space power.

Innovation through diversity, a background in aerospace and national security

Our roots are the foundation of our diversity. As a majority women owned company, Star Sailor Wind continues a long tradition of not just technical excellence, but innovation through diversity.

Star Sailor Energy, Inc. is the original spin-off of Aerospace Research Systems, LLC. which is now the oldest privately funded aerospace R&D firm in the United States celebrating its 25th anniversary.

The power behind the technology™: rural & urban Wi-Fi, water safety and small sat telemetry

Star Sailor Wind T-Com™ products have been designed to power a variety of technologies and promote creativity in applications and by end users. Star Sailor's team and demonstration site partners offer expertise across disciplines and applications. From Small Sat communications to sensor networks, Star Sailor Wind T-Com™ products are designed by scientists and engineers for research, technical and national security applications.

Growing 21st century challenges require reliable power. Star Sailor's hybrid VAWT systems are proving themselves in a variety of requirements including critical wireless networks, environmental surveillance, agricultural and natural resource security, and water analysis and purification.

Top right: 'Star Sailor Energy's first 1-meter, 50W VAWT performed flawlessly through snow, ice and hurricane winds.

The new generation of Star Sailor Wind turbines incorporate advancements from R&D, field testing and learning from nature to create the first high-lift vertical axis wind turbine.

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'Star Sailor Energy's first 1-M 50W T-Com prototype was tested in Star Sailor's urban test site which also serves as a eco-services research area and is certified as a National Wildlife Federation Habitat.

Image courtesy of the NWF.

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