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Star Sailor Wind Turbines, tested by hurricane winds, ice, snow, debris

Star Sailor Wind's wind turbines are the product of more than a decade of field testing and development. From the deserts (and highways) of New Mexico to the flat-lands of the Midwest, Star Sailor's wind turbines have been performed flawlessly in some of the most dynamic environments.

Local, reliable, no fuel required

Star Sailor's new turbines are being offered in base turbine and hybrid UPS platform configurations including 50-W, 200-W, 1.5-kW base units to 600-W to 48-kW in stacked turbine and solar configurations. Providing the highest energy density per meter area of any wind turbine

Star Sailor Wind: Advantages

Star Sailor Wind Turbines have been tested and refined incorporating aerospace materials and rugged design coupled with several firsts in wind. Star Sailor's high-lift rotor offers a radical approach to vertical wind reducing drag and increasing efficiency. The first limited lifetime rotor warranty continues establishing Star Sailor as a leader in innovation and customer service.

Modular, rugged and deployable.Star Sailor Wind Turbines offer unique opportunities for customer creativity. Our products are designed to power your technologies. Please contact us with your mission plan.

Above: Star Sailor Wind Self-Powered Network supporting remote power for virtual security, communication networks, weather stations, lighting and navigation.


- Rugged high-lift vertical axis wind turbine,
- Low-maintenance,
- Modular, stackable and scalable and power up to 36-kW and 48-kW hybrid,
- Can be installed on existing structures, bridges, barges, etc.,
- Designed to be integrated (virtual security, communications, Wi-Fi, DC microgrids, remote power & self-powered UPS networks, telemetry, defense systems, DOT monitoring, cameras, commercial lighting, etc.),
- Airport and spaceport safe,
- Quiet, bird, bat and human safe.

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